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Dhananjayan Unnithan

Chairman & Managing Director

For over three eventful decades, Mr. Dhananjayan Unnithan has been steadfastly pursuing his vision of bringing about sustainable housing for all classes in society. As Chairman of the Cordial Group, he provides stellar leadership to ensure that the Board is effective in setting and implementing the company’s direction and strategy.

He also diligently follows it through by setting an example of hard work backed by a passion for his work. Mr. Unnithan believes that in order to stay ahead of the race, building solution providers must be agile in their approach.

This implies having a flexible and innovative style of problem-solving. Cordial makes use of the best that modern technology has to offer while delivering optimal solutions to a range of customers.
His dream of providing optimal solutions in order to address the housing needs of society saw Mr. Unnithan established Cordial Homes early on in his professional career.

During the course of a long experience of over 32 years in the construction and real estate industry, he has ably led the company which has delivered major projects in the residential and industrial sectors.

Along with leading the company of 200 personnel, he also oversees the activities of Cordial Trust Fund which makes notable contributions in the sphere of social responsibility.

The charitable activities initiated by Mr. Unnithan have helped the disadvantaged sections of society to get timely financial aid which benefits them in the long term.

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