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Flats for sale in Trivandrum

Flats for Sale in Trivandrum

Apartment Projects in Trivandrum

Cordial Homes – Flats for Sale in Trivandrum. Established in 1982, stands tall on the list of South India’s premier builders and real estate developers in Trivandrum. Our unwavering commitment to quality in everything that we do – from construction to after sales service has won us the trust of more than 2600 customers and counting.

Best Builders in Trivandrum – Cordial Homes that has completed more than 133 Projects across Chennai and Kerala over the last 42 years has a reputation for timely completion of projects. The ISO 9001-2015 certification that Cordial Homes holds is a feather on the cap of their achievements who can be entrusted with confidence for building your dream home

    For more over 40 years, Cordial Homes – No.1 Builders in Trivandrum has been setting the standard for redefining the city’s skyline with our commitment to quality, inventiveness, and honesty. As top builders in Trivandrum, we are skilled at creating luxurious yet affordable living spaces that meet the diverse needs and preferences of our esteemed clients.

    Luxury Living Redefined: Enjoy the unparalleled style of Cordial Homes. Our meticulously designed luxury flats and apartments in Trivandrum are the height of opulence, elegance, and refinement. Everything has been carefully designed to improve your lifestyle and give you an unmatched refuge of luxury and comfort, from the opulent amenities to the breathtaking architecture.

    Affordable Living, Uncompromised Quality: Everyone should be able to experience the fulfillment that comes with owning a home, in our opinion at Cordial Homes – Best Builders in Trivandrum. Because of this, we provide a wide range of affordable Trivandrum flats and apartments without compromising on style or comfort. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or seeking to upgrade to a larger apartment, our collection of affordable housing options is designed to fit every budget and lifestyle.

    Our Ongoing Projects

    Cordial Punyam

    Location:Vettamukku, Trivandrum

    Flats for sales in Trivandrum

    Cordial Paradise

    Location:Poojappura, Trivandrum

    Flats for sales in Trivandrum

    Cordial Deepam

    Location:Sasthamangalam, Trivandrum

    Flats for sales in Trivandrum

    Cordial Layam

    Location:Sasthamangalam, Trivandrum

    Flats for sales in Trivandrum

    Cordial Dev

    Location:Kazhakootam, Trivandrum

    Flats for sales in Trivandrum

    Cordial Achutham

    Location:PTP Nagar, Trivandrum

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    At Cordial Homes - Flats for Sale in Trivandrum with most modern amenities, we're all about going above and beyond for you! From cozy corners to thoughtful touches, our homes are designed to exceed your wildest dreams. Get ready for more than you ever imagined – with a smile to match!

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    Buy 2 BHK / 3 BHK / 4 BHK Luxury Flats in Trivandrum.

    In addition to duplex options, Cordial Homes offers 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK apartments in Trivandrum. We therefore provide what you are seeking for. Our distinctive features make The Flats & Apartments in Trivandrum the ideal option for you. Not only is Cordial Homes providing you with a place to live, but it’s also a resource for future generations.

    In addition to a wide range of amenities, community features, environmental features, digital features, and technical features, the luxury apartments in Thiruvananthapuram offer world-class lifestyle facilities in Trivandrum at affordable prices. The apartments we have completed and are currently offering for sale in Trivandrum are among the best luxury flats in the city, and they are built to the highest standards.


    Cordial Homes distinguishes itself with over 42 years of experience, a portfolio of 133 completed projects, and a commitment to quality backed by ISO 9001-2015 certification. Our focus on timely project completion and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry.

    Yes, Cordial Homes – Budget Friendly Flats in Trivandrum, offers a range of homes tailored to different budgets and lifestyles. Whether you’re looking for urban convenience, serene retreats, or modern amenities, we have options to suit your needs without compromising on quality.

    With a track record of over 2600 satisfied customers, Cordial Homes has built a reputation for reliability and excellence. Our commitment to quality construction, timely delivery, and transparent dealings ensures that you can trust us to bring your dream home to life.

    Yes, Cordial Homes prioritizes modern amenities to enhance your living experience. From state-of-the-art facilities to eco-friendly features, we incorporate a range of amenities into our projects to cater to the needs and preferences of our residents.

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