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10 important questions you should ask a builder before buying a property in India

The path to owning a home is one that throws at you a plethora of questions. There are different types of homes, there are different types of localities and to make matters more confusing, there are different builders promising you a better value. But how do you see through the marketing and find the right home for you? Here are 10 important questions you should ask a builder before buying a property in India.

Can you show me your previous work?

A builder’s track record and experience in the industry is crucial while selecting a project. Having a credible portfolio of successful projects is a major trust factor that you shouldn’t ignore. After all, a builder’s credibility is very crucial in real estate investments. So, ask for proof of their previous projects. Look at their portfolio carefully and pay a visit to these projects, if you can. You can even go a step further to speak to their previous clients to know about their experience. This way, you will have confidence that you’re investing in a credible project.

Cordial Homes of Trivandrum has the patronage of 2600 plus clients making them one of the most trusted and best builders of Trivandrum. You can always walk up to any of their completed projects and talk to the clients directly to know more about their purchase experience.

What are the payment terms, and are there any hidden charges or fees?

This is one of the top questions to ask your builder before signing the deal.Often, people tend to ignore the minor details that make up the total cost. So, start by being clear about the actual cost of the apartment. Also, make sure that the builder has calculated based on the carpet area and not the built-up area. Your charges might vary a lot based on that. Find out about all the behind the curtain costs like – development fees, GST, parking rent, preferred location/floor charges, registration charges and other statutory charges, utility connection charges, society charges etc.

Is the property approved by the local authorities and by RERA and does it have all the necessary licences and permits?

Legal hassles can be too much for you to handle, especially if you’re investing in under-construction projects. Fortunately, you can avoid losing your money mid-construction by doing your due diligence. To do so, verify the builder’s licence and the property’s insurance. Also, you can check for documentations like No Objections Certificates that need to be obtained from departments like Fire or Environment that often have a huge impact on insurance eligibility.

Cordial Homes who has been in the business of constructing high rise apartments and villas for more than 41 years will ensure that you have a hassle free experience and would make all aspects clear before you make your purchase. They have all the required statutory documentations available for each of their projects and would be happy to share them with you for your due diligence.

What is the estimated completion date of the project, and what is the penalty if the builder fails to deliver on time?

One of the most important questions to ask your builder before buying a property in India is the delivery schedule promised by the real estate developers. Make sure they have in writing the delivery time. This has become a bit easier with the advent of RERA compliance, but one should ensure the builder complies with the RERA guidelines for meeting the scheduled date of completion.

What amenities are included in the property, such as parking, security, and recreational facilities?

Make sure everything you see in the brochure and what you hear during sales talk are mentioned in the sales deed. It is a good idea to verify if you’re getting all the promised facilities and amenities in total. A site visit will help you determine this. Some of the important amenities to check are: fire fighting system, garbage disposal system, water recycling, car parking space, lifts, power backup etc.

What is the quality of construction materials and techniques used in the building?

Many a times, builders might use low quality raw materials to cut down on their construction costs. However, it might endanger your life or the lives of people who would live there. So, it is necessary to be informed of the quality and the kind of material they are using. It will be worthwhile to even go down to specific items like the bricks used, electrical components, wood used etc.

Cordial Homes which is undoubtedly one of the best builders in Trivandrum uses the best of building materials that are available in the market. Given the number of projects that are under construction in parallel, Cordial Homes stands to get better prices and the same is passed on to their valuable clients. Thus the clients can always be assured that they get optimum value for their money, always.

What is the size and layout of the property, and are there any customization options available?

Another critical piece of information which is disclosed on the builders website is the layout. You should ask for the approved drawings for your chosen unit and the overall layout for your floor. You may ask for tentative deviation from the approved layout plan. It is also good to ask for the wiring diagram of electrical wire routing as it may come handy later on.

Is there a warranty or guarantee on the construction and fittings of the property?

It is necessary to get the warranty documents for the electrical and plumbing fittings which are usually available for 10 years. Since property investments are risky, the warranty can be helpful to you. Therefore, get clarity on the warranty period and have a stress-free future.

What are the maintenance and upkeep costs of the property?

Owning a home is like a dream come true for someone who has been saving money throughout their life to make it a reality. However, to make a smart purchasing decision, you must enquire about the maintenance costs during the price negotiation process. You should also know what is included in this cost and what the laws are to safeguard buyers’ and sellers’ rights.

Maintenance cost, if you may ask, is the cost incurred for conserving the flat’s outer appearance, operating the water supply system, maintaining the common areas of the building and other amenities that are part of the complex or society.

Who is responsible for the maintenance costs?

Each apartment complex and its builders have a different understanding with their clients about who bears the maintenance costs. Most often than not, the maintenance cost is borne by the apartment owners, post formation of the society and its approval by the relevant government authorities. The same can be clarified and if need be, taken in writing from the builder to avoid lack of clarity, later.

Why choose Cordial Homes?

Though buying property is a wise decision, it can be a nightmare if you aren’t clear and explicit. Mostly, it happens due to a lack of consensus between the builder and the buyer. Cordial Homes clarify even the most minor property details. They have a foolproof solution for all your queries.

Cordial Homes constructs the best apartments and villas in Trivandrum and has some of their best apartments for sale. The builder focuses on building quality homes in Trivandrum. Cordial Homes offer security, community, modern amenities and more. Cordial Homes apartments offer positives in terms of access to club facilities like swimming pool, jogging track, gym and party area. So, reach out today to resolve your queries and have a smooth purchase experience.

Established in 1982, Cordial Homes is a leading builder and developer in South India. With over 41 years of experience and 133 completed projects in Chennai and Kerala, we’ve earned the trust of 2600+ customers. 

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