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How to maintain Safety in Apartments?

Buyers on the lookout for the perfect home are often caught between a myriad of options to choose from; apartments, individual houses, gated community villas and more. The first thing to understand, however, is that over the years, apartments have become the most easily available type of property across the country. The huge cost of land in big cities has in turn made apartments an economical option as compared to purchasing a villa or constructing an individual home.

An apartment usually comprises of high-rise structures which offer living spaces in different configurations in the form of one, two, three and four-bedroom accommodations, called flats. It is also a fact that in India, many people now prefer to live in flats of varying sizes, given that they offer better amenities and security options and are less expensive compared to a villa. Moreover, in an apartment-style of living, facilities like water, power supply and works like garbage collection and waste disposal are usually taken care of by the developer or the Residents’ Welfare Association. A villa, on the other hand, is an

independent house and is preferred by those people who want to live in the privacy of their independent dwelling unit while also wanting to avoid getting into the hassle of building a home by themselves.

Whether you’re coming home from a long day at work or a night out in the town, locking the door behind you comes as naturally as breathing. Indeed, there’s a lot more that residents can do to secure their apartments, their belongings, and themselves. The best part is you don’t have to be a security expert or break the bank to beef up your apartment’s safety.

As a resident in an apartment complex, a flurry of security features are thrown in by the builder and are most often than not, a part of the standard offering. One such leading builder in Trivandrum is Cordial Homes who makes sure that the best and the most updated of security features are available in all their projects and to their customers.

Cordial Homes is coming up with a promising project, the Cordial Paradise. Situated in Poojapura and coming up fast, this project is sure to provide the highest standards of safety and quality to its customers.

Provision for security guards

Apartment complexes of the present day are always within a campus that’s gated and manned by trained security guards. This ensures that lay hawkers and unwanted sales pushers are kept at bay and facilitates entry protocols controlled by modern mobile-based app authentication features.

Automatic gate control system for entry/exit

Modern technology has further simplified gate control via the simplest method of entry/exit – a small hand-held knob that opens and closes your automated gate at the touch of a button. Cordial Paradise comes default with these advanced, modern features irrespective of the format of the apartment you choose.

Intercom facility

An intercom system is an electronic device that enables two-way communication between people. Though a handheld device like a mobile phone is there in almost every hand today, intercom telephony is still relevant in some instances. For example, when you think of your beloved children using the lifts on their own, they come really handy and important. Intercom systems that again come as a standard feature at Cordial Paradise allow people in the building to grant property access to visitors by opening a door or gate remotely.

Private Children’s play area

An external play area is quintessential for the children and facilitates outdoor play. While a playground is usually designed for children, some are designed for other age groups or people with disabilities. Modern playgrounds often have recreational equipment such as the seesaw, merry-go-round and swing set and slide. Many of these help children develop their mind-body coordination, strength, flexibility, and enjoyment and also supports social and emotional development.

Cordial Homes, the best builder in Trivandrum has gone a step ahead and is building the play area of Cordial Paradise with child-safe features.

Generator backup for all amenities

Losing power supply a few times a year is a common experience for many of us. The vast majority of homes get their power from a downed power line. Severe rain or strong wind can knock out power for days. Without a backup generator, people have no choice

but to function without power. Cordial Homes is a trusted builder and they will provide all of the above infrastructure in all their buildings including Cordial Paradise.

Efficient Fire Protections system

Fire protection systems are one of the features that generally comes only with apartment complexes and are not common in villa projects. It involves the installation and use of structural and operational systems to minimize the impact of fire on people and property. Cordial Paradise prides itself in providing industry leading fire protection systems.

Apart from the above mentioned, it might surprise you that there are tons of easy security additional measures one can implement even in a large apartment building or complex. We have put together a guide to help you understand what are the security factors to consider in an apartment before signing a sale deed or a lease, plus things you can do after you move in to give yourself top-notch apartment security.

Additional Safety Features

Apartment complexes usually provide a single-door entry-exit point for each unit. This facilitates installing of modern digital door lock systems that are efficient and

cost-effective as the points to control are less.

Dealing with the modern-day phenomenon called the delivery wallah is also much smoother and hassle-free in an apartment complex as compared to an independent villa. Arrangements in one’s absence are usually facilitated by the caretakers and security guards whose services come as the de-facto standards.

Moreover, in premium apartment complexes such as Cordial Paradise from the Cordial Homes, access to apartment buildings as well as specific floors within a building can be controlled using the access control system features. These come in handy to control the access to specific floors for delivery personnel and housekeeping staff of individual units.

Modern-day apartments provide reticulated systems for the provision of cooking gas which is a safer and more efficient system than the outdated individual cylinders, thus turning the safety factor a few notches up.

Cordial Paradise

The luxury apartment project is situated at Poojappura, which is one among the city’s prime localities. The apartment has all modern amenities to provide the most luxurious lifestyle in a serene atmosphere. Proximity and easy accessibility to major educational institutions, Shopping centres, Hospitals and other essential services makes the project even more attractive and is also well connected by road, rail and air routes.

Cordial Paradise will offer you some of the best 2,3 and 4 BHK apartments in Trivandrum for its customers to choose from. The works are fast in progress at the construction site and are expected to be completed by the end of 2025. You can make an inquiry here to know more about the project.

Established in 1982, Cordial Homes is a leading builder and developer in South India. With over 42 years of experience and 133 completed projects in Chennai and Kerala, we’ve earned the trust of 2600+ customers. 

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