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How to save space in your Apartment?

Apartments can be brilliant. You get to live in a nice community with a lot of facilities and also have the option of choosing a house on whichever floor you prefer. Whether you like to stay at ground level or among the trees, or higher, the choice is yours. However, there are certain issues that come with living in apartments and the first one is space.

Read on to know how you can save space in your apartment.

  1. The visual effect
    When you enter any space, you first notice it visually and only then understand itphysically. Therefore, pay attention to the visual aesthetics of your space. And this is where smart use of colours comes into play. Using lighter colours for the walls and ceiling will automatically make any space look and feel larger. Avoid darker colours.
  2. Let your space breathe.
    The concept of minimalism is to avoid unnecessary weight in your space. This can beboth physical weight (furniture) or visual weight (using too many colours or wall decor). Avoid too many patterns or filling your space with too many things. Using neutral shades like grey or white with a touch of brown and black or blue can do wonders to your space. Keep it clutter-free.
  3. Efficient space-planning:
    Effective planning plays an important role in any space. This helps the easy flow oftraffic. Plan the placement of your furniture in such a way that it does not obstruct movement within your space. For example, make sure there is at least 3’ space between your furniture and the wall if you have to use the space to walk to a room.
  4. Space-saving smart furniture.
    There are many options available in smart furniture these days. Depending on how much space you have, you can choose furniture that can have many uses. For example, you get chairs and beds that also serve as storage with storage space under the seat. You can use a sofa-cum-bed in your living room so your it can be transformed into a resting area in case you have too many guests.
  5. Place heavy furniture against the wall.

Always remember that the heavy furniture must be placed against a wall. Be it your couch, sofa, large desk or bed, putting them against the wall will make your space more spacious.

6. The right furniture.
It can be very exciting to shop for furniture and you can get easily carried away by

everything that is available in the market. But remember that not everything that you like will fit or suit your space. Decide on a theme or colour scheme for your house and stick to it. Buy furniture that will be of the right size for your space. Would you like to have a huge King-sized four-poster bed in a small minimal guest bedroom? I don’t think so.

7. Those precious corners.
Do you know that place where two walls meet? Many at times, we tend to ignore those

precious corners. Using corner shelves, corner units or L-shaped furniture, you save a lot of space and make use of what would have otherwise just been unused dead space.

Here is a tip: To make your space look less boring and more lively, try to incorporate some indoor plants. The transformation will be magical.

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