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Simple things to make yourself happy in an apartment

Happiness in a home can be different for each person. A comfortable home with cosy furniture, soft lighting and a pleasant atmosphere can create a feeling of warmth and contentment for most. Feeling secure and protected in your home can contribute to a sense of peace and relaxation. Having the ability to personalise your living space with decor, artwork, and furnishings that reflect your personality and style can create a sense of ownership and pride in your home.

A functional home that is designed to meet your needs and lifestyle, also can contribute to happiness. For example, a well-organised kitchen or a designated workspace can make daily tasks easier and more enjoyable. Sharing your home with loved ones and cultivating positive relationships with family or friends can contribute to a sense of belonging and happiness in the home. A home with plenty of natural light can create a positive and uplifting atmosphere, and has been linked to improved mood and well-being. Using the amenities in your apartment complex can contribute to a budget friendly living as well.

A plethora of factors contribute to the happiness in a home, but in essence it’s the few deeply personal, one’s own, individual choices that make a home a happy-dome. A happy individual feels satisfied with different areas of life including his home, relationships with others and work.

In order to own a happy home, one has to choose the best builder. Cordial Homes, one of the best builders of Trivandrum, offer some simple tips to make yourself happier by offering the best new flats. Let’s get busy.

Decorate your flat

Adding some plants to your living space makes it vibrant, colourful and gives the positivity you always longed for. Houseplants for beginners are easy to maintain and can generally withstand erratic watering, uneven or bad light and fluctuating temperatures. Plants help reduce stress and also improves the air quality within one’s home. Keeping your living space clean and organised, helps reduce clutter and promotes a sense of calm. Adding colourful throw pillows or a cosy area rug would help to add some personality to your living space. Also, hanging up some artwork or framed photos would talk volumes of your personal taste. They say a good night’s sleep is best for a refreshed tomorrow. Hence, investing in a good quality mattress and bedding should help wear out all that fatigue from a long day at work.

Now with ample work from home opportunities that are available you can even create a designated workspace, even if it’s just a small corner, to help you stay focused and productive. Scented candles or diffusers create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Just make sure they are eco friendly and safe to breathe in. You can even experiment with different lighting options to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Healthy Lifestyle & Exercise Regime

Using the garden to go for walks or going to the gym in your apartment complex is a good way to get some exercise. Make space in your routine for a workout time, use the gym in your apartment complex or spread a yoga mat in the terrace area or dabble with some weights. Practising daily meditation or mindfulness helps reduce stress and promotes a sense of calm as well. Cordial Homes’s ongoing project –

Cordial Paradise in Poojappura, Trivandrum offers the best fitness centre with most modern equipment. It also has a meditation deck that doubles up as an area for doing yoga as well.

It is always best, healthy and advisable to cook at home and eat. Investing in some high-quality cookware and utensils to make home made meals will always be economical and is sure to give you good returns from a health perspective as well. For convenience, you can use a slow cooker or Instant Pot to make healthy, delicious one pot meals. Keep healthy snacks like cashew, almonds and walnuts in plenty to avoid the temptation of unhealthy junk food.

Safety and Security

Living in a multi-unit dwelling gives added security you can’t find in an independent house. Cordial Homes apartment complexes are gated communities; there is an automatic gate control system for entry/exit, provision for security, extra fire protection, and generator back-up for lifts. The close proximity of neighbours is also a huge safety benefit. They are able to hear better if something happens, notice if something seems out of the ordinary, and may have extra time to contact the authorities. Increased safety features make apartment living perfect for those living alone, families with children, the elderly, or those who just want peace of mind


Amenities that come with apartment complexes like Cordial Paradise are hard to beat. With recreation and convenience right outside your doorstep, the apartment complex offers many perks you can’t find in most single homes. Multi – purpose hall to hold big parties in, Childrens play area, Badminton Court, Gym and swimming pool are just some of the amenities you will find here. While you can build features like these into a house, the cost can get out of reach for most homeowners. More unique amenities on property are a home theatre and underground parking. It’s upgraded living, all without having to pick up the bill.

Make a budget and stick to it

There’s nothing like a little budgeting to keep you on the right track. Before you even move into your apartment, come up with a personal finance strategy to avoid problems down the road. When you stick to a budget, you’ll stress less and have more freedom to pursue your short term and long term goals.

Invite guests over!

What good is a home if you can’t share it every once in a while? Bring the outside world to you by inviting your friends over for supper, a game night, watch party, etc. Plus, you can show off your awesome home decor!

Cordial Homes – Cordial Paradise

All of the above amenities mentioned are available at Cordial Paradise. This luxury apartment project is situated at Poojappura – one of the city’s prime localities. The apartment has all modern amenities to provide the most luxurious lifestyle in a serene atmosphere. Proximity and easy accessibility to major educational institutions, shopping centres, hospitals and other essential services makes the project even more attractive and is also well connected by road, rail and air routes.

Cordial Paradise comprises more than 20 floors including 3 basement floors and hence ensures a modern lifestyle. Cordial Homes, which has more than four decades of experience in the field of construction, has put a lot of thought into the above and decided to come up with 2, 3 & 4 BHK apartment formats in their ongoing project, Cordial Paradise. 2 and 3 BHK apartments come in varying carpet areas, further optimising and making the apartments tailor made to suit each customer’s taste and budget. You can have a look at the best flats for sale in Trivandrum and their layouts here.

Established in 1982, Cordial Homes is a leading builder and developer in South India. With over 41 years of experience and 133 completed projects in Chennai and Kerala, we’ve earned the trust of 2600+ customers. 

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