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Cordial Paradise – the search for your dream home ends here.

We all want a place of our own however small and modest it is. A place where we can come and unwind after a long day at work. All of us wish that we are back home even after a long vacation. That’s the magnetic pull that a home has. And if that home is an address that we have to our name, it’s priceless. But sifting through and squaring in on the umpteen number of options available is a humongous task in itself.

Options, Options and more Options…

There could be innumerous options to choose from once you have squared in on the city where you want to buy your home. Add to that the permutations that you could make from the options available. What would be the ideal locality for me to buy? Should I buy closer to my place of work or where the city life is? Should I buy a 2BHK or 3BHK or a 2.5 BHK? Should I focus more on the amenities available within the complex or should I concentrate on the layout and the spaciousness of the rooms within the apartment? Should I rate the builder on the basis of his annual turnover or on their years of experience or should it be based on some other point that I am not aware of?

If the above mentioned are some of the questions that have been giving you sleepless nights, read on. We will try to answer your concerns here in the best possible way and give you five key points that you need to look out while buying an apartment irrespective of any city, let alone Trivandrum.

1. Quality

Quality could take different meanings and all of them could be right as well. The quality referred to here is the quality of the builderand thereby the quality of the construction too.

Doing a quick check amongst your peers and relatives on the top 10 builders in Trivandrum would be a starting point. Cordial Homes who have a reputation of building homes for more than 41 years and covering 8 million sq.feet definitely figures in the list of best home builders in Trivandrum. Their ISO 9001-2015 certification which is an internationally recognised certification for quality is a testimonial in itself and further guaranteeing quality.

Quality of the builder is deduced from the quality of their construction. Using top of the line construction material and delivering it to the customer at a fair price is a trademark quality of the Cordial Homes.

Take for instance the upcoming Cordial Paradise by Cordial Homes that has been recently announced. With vitrified tiles of reputed brands on your floors and bathrooms, granite slabs on the kitchen top and solid wood doors adorning the front door, a potential home owner such as yourself would have little or no reasons to worry about the construction quality when such top of the line materials and products are used in the construction.

2. On Time Delivery

On time delivery of a project would probably be one of the most overlooked points while selecting a builder and their apartment. A homeowner would be planning his exit from the current house or location on the basis of the timelines mentioned for the project handover. And it should not be a surprise that the sales team of the project would give reassurances and false promises on a date that is hardly realistic.

Hence selecting the right builder to handover the keys to your dream home at the promised time is of primary importance. Cordial Homes have always delivered their projects on time or in some cases, in advance as well thus making sure their customers can stick to their schedule as planned.

3. Location

Owning a plot of land in the city centre could be a far-fetched dream for many. But being an owner of an apartment that is close to the city’s major amenities such as schools and shopping malls is much more realistic and now possible too. Location of the apartment is not just limited to its proximity to transport hubs and hospitals but also to major colleges, places of worship and other prominent city landmarks.

Coridal Paradise has a healthy mix of 2,3 and 4BHK apartments. The International Airport, Railway Station, Medical College, Kims Hospital, Popular educational institutions et al are in a radius of 5 kms or less thus being a one stop solution to all your needs, be it work or leisure or essential needs. Cordial Paradise when completed will have something that suits every budget. Book your visit today!

4. Transparency

Offlate, you would have heard about many construction companies being razed to the ground for violations. Also, there could be an overwhelming amount of paperwork to read through and one might not be experienced or prudent enough to capture the finer details while signing the agreement to own an apartment.

Having a builder that’s 100% percent transparent is vital and should be on the top of the priority list while choosing an apartment. Ideally, the deal should be such that the builder explains upfront that these are the costs that you need to pay with the split up. Over and above, this is the additional amount if you need any upgrades or interiors or an extra car park for instance. If such visibility is there, the trust on the builder will increase manifold. Plus, you as an owner will have a holistic view of the budget and can be prepared for the same.

5. Facilities and Amenities

What’s home without a balcony or a view? Similarly, having great amenities assures that you and your family are well pampered and kept happy always. It’s quintessential that apartments these days have reticulated gas supply, power backup, comprehensive waste management system, biometric entry system etc.

Cordial Paradise housing the best apartments in Trivandrum and having the best flats combines all the above mentioned and many more amenities. They have an exclusive party area, gym and a separate kids play area reassuring every member of their family that they get a space of their own outside the apartment too!

Making a checklist of the above indispensable points and evaluating the builders and their apartments would be a fruitful way to limit your options and to select one amongst them. With Cordial Homes, you can be rest assured that you are associating with the best home builders in Trivandrum. Read more about Cordial Paradise . Book your appointment today to make a visit to Cordial Paradise or other ongoing and  completed projects that Cordial Homes have to offer.

Established in 1982, Cordial Homes is a leading builder and developer in South India. With over 42 years of experience and 133 completed projects in Chennai and Kerala, we’ve earned the trust of 2600+ customers. 

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